Our latest product innovation combines the superior quality of Reflective Tape (which meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 American National Standard for High Visibity Safety Apparel and Headwear) with the durability and excellence of the Original RadioTech™ product line to provide firefighters, EMTS and other emergency workers with premium reflective products for nighttime and dim light use.

Find out more about the reflective products available, including our recommendations for use. You can also shop for our reflective straps and cases in the online store.

Reflective Radio Cases & Straps

Reflective cases and straps help to increase emergency worker visibility on the roadside or in any situation where low level ambient light could make it difficult to distinguish a person from the background objects and road. By adding reflective elements to a uniform, drivers and other emergency workers can quickly identify the location of the [...]

Custom Made Two-Way Radio Cases

Whether made by Motorola, Kenwood or another company, two-way radios used by emergency management teams and firefighters are one of the most important pieces of equipment carried by personnel. The average two-way radio can cost over $4,000 to purchase and more than $260/hour to repair. These radios are designed to function in life-threatening situations that [...]

FDNY & Other Two Way Radio Straps

When our company was founded in 1993 by a licensed Motorola radio repairman and a former New York City Paramedic, the quality and availability of radio straps was very limited. The radio straps offered by two-way radio manufacturers, if available at all, were inferior and less than the quality that we believed an emergency worker [...]