Why Choose RadioTech?

For 30 years, RadioTech has been providing Firefighters and Emergency Service professionals with the highest quality radio straps and custom two-way radio cases.

Learn why our customers choose RadioTech, and meet the Team behind our superior products.


Reflective Cases & Straps

Our most successful innovation combines the superior quality of Reflective Tape with the durability and excellence of the Original RadioTech™ product line. Visibility and safety are made quick and easy by the addition of .75 inch  silver reflective tape. Learn more about our reflective products, or shop for them in our online store.

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Motorola APX Series Radio Cases

RadioTech offers custom radio cases for the Motorola APX series of two way radios, including the APX 8000.

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How To Wear Your Radio Strap

Radio cases and straps are an additional and important part of the lifesaving equipment that Firefighters and Emergency personnel must use in common day-to-day and extreme situations.

We encourage the best and safest manner of use for this equipment. Please read this article to learn our recommendations regarding our suggested way to wear your radio strap.

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RadioTech Original™ Radio Straps

RadioTech is the innovator behind the original FDNY, Communicator and Chicago style straps popular across the country. Our top-quality materials and construction are moisture repellant, scuff resistant and use only the finest quality stitching and riveting.

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Motorola Radio Repair Services

RadioTech is an authorized provider of Motorola repair services. We offer flat rate repair services for many legacy and current Motorola models.

The key to our repairs is component-level two way radio repair.

Radio Technology, Inc. has been serving clients in the fire and emergency management services since 1993. With more than 30 years of experience at component-level two way radio repair, we have serviced tens of thousands of Motorola two way radios, and continue to provide only the best quality in repair services to our clients. Our stringent levels of quality assurance and dedication to customer service have built our name as one of the most well-known and respected repair service providers in our industry.

But we are, above all, an American company with strong ties to the people we employ and clients we serve. We come from a United States military and emergency service background, and we understand the importance of the equipment we service as a life-saving device. We never forget that what we do not only employs Americans, but helps to serve Americans that protect our homes and lives. When you choose Radio Technology, Inc., you are partnering with a company that understands more than technology, we understand our clients.

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30 day return policy

We provide a 30 days return policy on all new and unused equipment.

Accepting orders 24/7

Conveniently order your radio equipment and accessories online 24/7.

Secure Payment

We provide multiple payment methods online with secure and encrypted checkout so you can shop confidently.

What Clients Say

  • I think RadioTech products are excellent. They show quality workmanship and you guys are an excellent company to deal with. We are very happy. You recently sold some RadioTech reflective straps to my old fire company and they are just tickled to death with them. The RadioTech reflective straps look really nice, and they are just as happy as we are.

    -- James Kron Chief, Georgetown Township Fire Protection, Indiana --
  • My RadioTech products are holding up very well. I think the straps and cases are fantastic. I’ve had no problems with my things, and use my kit every third day when I’m on duty. I would surely recommend RadioTech.

    -- Kevin Vermillion Firefighter, Walton County F.D., Georgia --
  • I love my RadioTech stuff. The radio case helps to protect our radios, and the radio strap makes it available at all times. The Stabilizer keeps me from bonking my patients in the head with these heavy radios. I’ve had no problems or complaints. Great.

    -- A firefighter/EMT Bloomington F.D., Idaho --
  • I love my RadioTech radio strap and I use it all the time. In fact, I use it every day when I am on duty. I usually wear the radio strap under my turn out coat to traffic accidents… I work for a big fire department in California, and although most guys don’t use radio straps out here, I love mine and I bet they would too.

    -- George Casario Firefighter, Orange County F.D., California --
  • The guys love them. They’re very durable. We haven’t had any issues with them falling apart at the seams or anything. I’ve had mine for 6 years and have had no issues. The hardware hasn’t broken or faded. There have been no issues with any of the cases coming apart or with the ‘D’ rings.

    -- Brian Manware, Assistant Chief Clinton F.D., Connecticut --
  • We’ve been using RadioTech products for quite a while and are happy. …we use these radio straps everyday – we haven’t had a complaint or issue and would recommend RadioTech to anyone!

    -- Chance Kaczmarski Paramedic, Fitch-Rona EMS, Wisconsin --
  • We just starting using your RadioTech stuff, but it is working very well. …I would definitely recommend RadioTech to anyone who asks.

    -- Bill Stockley Firefighter, Buckeye F.D., Arizona --
  • We have had nothing but good results with your product. The products were deployed and are out there in the field 24/7. I am going to photocopy your catalog of the reflective products and distribute them to our volunteer fire companies. I purchased at one of the shows the RadioTech reflective strap and everyone asks me, ‘Where did you get it?’ I always respond with, ‘RadioTech.com’!

    -- Lt. Garth Hillier, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, New York --
  • The products that we have from RadioTech have held up extremely well. We just switched over to Kenwood radios, and we have your radio straps, radio cases, and anti-sway Stabilizers. We have had absolutely no problems with anything. I use my RadioTech stuff just about every day, so that’s 4 days a week that I am on duty. I’ve even shared your company information and recommended you to other people.

    -- Paul Conley Deputy Chief, Freeport Fire Rescue, Maine --
  • Your stuff takes a beating and keeps going strong! I’m still using some RadioTech products 3-4 times a week that I purchased from you guys 10 years ago and they are holding up well. Would I recommend RadioTech? Absolutely!

    -- Tom Aurhammer, Deputy Chief, Los Pinos F.D. , Colorado --
  • Your products are perfect … I use them at work and at the volunteer fire house. The RadioTech radio strap is a great product it holds up well to moisture and heat damage.


    -- Chief Vanarsdale, Fallstown F.D., Maryland --
  • I purchased a RadioTech Radio Case a few years ago and it is still running strong. I’m a very happy customer. I’ve had absolutely no problems with it at all and I use it every day that I am at work. When people ask me where I got my radio holster I tell them to go to the RadioTech.com!


    -- Tim Frank Firefighter, Seattle F.D. Washington --

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