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About Radio Technology, Inc. & RadioTech

Founded in 1993 by a licensed Motorola radio repairman and former New York City Paramedic, today RadioTech™ is the United States top supplier of Fire Service Radio Accessories. We began as a business offering Motorola two-way radio sales and service. Radio straps and cases were a part of our business, but in those early days, selection for these products was very limited. We knew that we needed to offer more than the ‘standard’ cases and straps, and that is where our business was truly born.

Our business was designed to provide the best products and services available on the market. We feel it is just as important to sell one strap to a firefighter as it is to outfit a whole department or county.

In 2003 we expanded our custom offerings beyond the well-known FDNY Strap, to include customized radio straps like the RadioTech Communicator™ and RadioTech Original Chicago Style Strap™. Today, these straps have become the standard for radio straps used across the United States.

We thank you for your interest in our company and we welcome your thoughts and comments. As much as we have grown over the years, our company is still and always will be about people. We stand behind our products 100%.

Experience & Innovation

p_ref0033-221At RadioTech™, our experience servicing two-way radios for the last 35 years makes us uniquely qualified to design and produce the very best radio cases and straps. All of our products have been developed per fire service personnel requests. Years of attending numerous fire service events gives us the opportunity to interact with our clients directly. We believe that it is our duty to continually listen closely to our client’s needs, wants and concerns and provide creative solutions to thier communications requirements. This attitude and dedication to customer service has afforded us at RadioTech, the unique ability to evolve and thrive within our industry. Like many fire departments around the country in the early 2000’s, Miami Dade Fire-Rescue had an array of many different two-way radio models. They were in need of a universal solution, so as to prevent them from having to reorder radio cases every time they purchased new radio equipment. This was a huge issue for them as they have over 2000 radios. RadioTech designed one case to accommodate all of Miami – Dade’s needs,and produced this special case to allow the battery clip to remain on the radio.

You can find the Miami One Radio cases in our online store in the Universal cases category .

Reflective cases and straps are now sweeping the country with great success. RadioTech™ is the inventor of the Anti-Sway Stabilizer, the Communicator and Original Chicago Style Strap; all of which have become industry standards since their introduction.

When you purchase RadioTech™ products, you can be assured of the highest quality in design, materials and construction. We don’t believe in anything less.

Why Choose RadioTech

p_hingedetailMost companies offering radio straps know about the leather business, but not much about two way radios or the jobs of emergency workers.

At RadioTech, we know that our products are an integral part of your safety, and we realize how important it is for a case to not only protect the valuable equipment that may save your life, but also to give you the access you need to that equipment.

Each of our radio cases is designed with a specific radio model in mind, ensuring that you will have access to the screen, keypad and emergency button you need. Each of our straps has been tested with the models of radio we recommend, to ensure that you have what you need to communicate efficiently. We use only the finest quality leather and materials, and we always will.

At RadioTech, we don’t just know leather, we know the equipment that this leather needs to protect, and the best way to do it. That’s why, for more than 26 years, we have been and continue to be the #1 radio strap on the market. If it doesn’t say RadioTech, it’s not an original.™